10 Feb 2017


Why of course! An “escapade in the Ardennes”… !

A Trail in the Eislek…!

Set out on a bold course to get away from the daily round, escape from it all and dream about wide open spaces to be discovered on foot.

On both sides of the Belgo-Luxembourg border, in the midst of the central Ardennes, of the Oesling, you will discover 300 km of signposted trails leading you from small discrete discoveries – an ancient cross, dry stone walls, streams… – to vast expanses providing extensive views of the rich scenic resources.

Gossamer mists, peaceful dairy pastures, the fleeting appearance of a deer, a freshly mown meadow filling the air with a pleasant fragrance – a wealth of impressions and images so that the memory of your “escapade in the Ardennes” will stay with your forever.

So what are we waiting for?

Let’s set off straightaway to discover the Escapardenne…!