Aims and Caracteristics

20 Dec 2012


Make the most of all the region’s built, cultural, landscape and natural heritage in order to boost the standard of the tourist facilities, mindful of the need to apply sustainable development principles.

Duration: 3 ½ years (May 2009 – December 2012)

Project promoter: Deux Ourthes Natural Park

Partner: natur&ëmwelt – Hëllef fir d’Natur Foundation

Four key activities planned :

1. « Ardennes Trail »

Creating a long-distance heritage discovery trail through the Belgo-Luxembourg central Ardennes. Apart from this trail, loops of varying lengths (30 to 98 km) are also available. These are designed to highlight a variety of themes, such as the forest landscapes, plateaus and valleys, small-scale heritage, views, sites or other natural features. These different hiking tours may be completed over several days with different stops in the accommodation facilities.

2. Promoting the built, cultural, landscape and natural heritage of the Belgo-Luxembourg central Ardennes for tourist purposes.

The trails of discovery along with the heritage features are showcased on our Internet site via a mapping web portal. There you will find various routes for downloading onto your GPS/Smartphone via the Belgian network application, historical information and a few useful links (tourism centres, public transport, etc.).

3. Heritage mapping inventory.

The region’s natural and anthropogenic heritage is often unknown. This needs to be inventoried, protected and highlighted as a tourist asset and attraction. Castle-cum-farmhouses, ancient trees, natural sites, crosses, panoramas… a small non-exhaustive inventory is featured within an adjustable mapping programme available for consultation on the Internet.

4. Discovery and awareness-raising seminars.

Seminars for discovering the archeological, natural or cultural heritage have been organised on the sidelines of the project.