Interreg IVa Project

20 Dec 2012

The “Discovering the Belgo-Luxembourg Ardennes Heritage” project (“Découpatri”) was financed under the INTERREG IVA programme. This European cross-border cooperation programme seeks to consolidate the economic and social interaction between the various regions. The area in this case is the vast region covering the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Wallonia (Belgium), Lorraine (France), Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland (Germany).

The current project got underway in May 2009, whereas an earlier Interreg III-A project called “Grandeur et intimité des paysages” (conducted between 2005 and 2008) sought to gather any information available about the scenic dimensions. A photograph competition and a 46km cross-border hiking tour – “Across Countries and Ages”, were organised, while a map and a guidebook were issued. A major field study carried out helped to provide a vital land planning and knowledge tool: the “Landscape Programme “.


Fresh heritage showcasing opportunities gradually emerged: useful work may still be undertaken in this splendid region, with its definite potential for eco-tourism.

All of these developments formed the background to the new Interreg IV-A project, “Discovering the Belgo-Luxembourg Ardennes Heritage” as a sequel to the first project. The aim is to make the most of all the region’s built, cultural, landscape and natural heritage for tourist purposes, mindful of the need to apply sustainable development principles.