natur&ëmwelt – Fondation Hëllef fir d’Natur

22 Mar 2016

Together for nature

Our goal: lsafeguarding biodiversity in a varied natural and cultural landscape.

Our approch: the protection of biotopes and the sustainable exploitation of our natural resources.

Our methods: advocacy and advice, practical nature and species protection schemes, safeguarding, restoring the natural state of rare and endangered biotopes and seeing to their upkeep, data-gathering and scientific research, targeted political and administrative schemes.

Our starting point: accountable citizens, who are passionate about nature’s beauty and its inherent interactions, who undertake to protect the environment in order to guarantee the survival of future generations.

Our partners: clearly defined nationwide and international cooperative relationships with our partners and other organisations working towards the same goal. Our team comprises: collaborative professionals underpinned by a large number of volunteers.

Our terms of reference:

The Hëllef fir d’Natur foundation is a public utility organisation, set up in1982.

The key fields of activities involve acquiring and managing natural reserves, information and awareness-raising campaigns to protect natural resources and biodiversity, studies and scientific research, protecting the forest, undertaking national, interregional and European projects whose main purpose is to help safeguard and restore the natural environment.

Fundraising (donations, legacies) in order to achieve the aforementioned aims.

The Foundation owns 950 hectares of nature reserves (damp meadows, reed beds, dry grasslands, ponds and water courses, oak copses and beech stands, hedges, orchards, vineyards terraces, wastelands and valley bottoms in the Ardennes,…): biodiversity-rich environments!


A Hëllef fir d’Natur Foundation orchard

These habitats are maintained and managed on the basis of cooperation with farmers, volunteers or social institution teams.

The Foundation has initiated, helped along and taken part in numerous projects and large-scale schemes, such as: protecting Oesling wetlands and valleys bottoms, restoring the pearl mussel population, the renaturation of the Alzette in Schifflange, the action plan for tall orchards, nature protection on a municipal scale.