10 Feb 2017

From La Roche-en-Ardenne or Kautenbach/Ettelbruck, the signposts to follow are shown by a white wave on a blue background. The sign is indicative of the “Ardenne-Eifel” sign, which is already used for the cross-border trail linking the Rhine to the French Meuse.

Signe Escapardenne

The three kinds of signposts found all over the trail are:

– straightforward direction signs at the main crossroads;

– markers so you know you are on the right path;

– main direction signs to let you know how far you are from the next villages along the route.

On the Luxembourg side, the sign could take the form of painting, generally in forests on tree trunks.

Signposts placed all along the trail

On the Walloon side

– Local trails :

On the Walloon side, several permanents trails have been signposted for different types of users: pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders or skiers. Each type of user is shown by a specific geometrical shape and one of the four colours authorised by the Walloon Region (red, yellow, green and blue).


– Major routes :

 the GR (long-distance trails) sign: red and white.

 the AE (Ardenne Eifel) sign: white wave.

 the GTA (long-distance hiking trail through the Ardennes) sign: yellow and white.

GR    19 - marque GTA

On the Luxembourg side

– Local pahts :

The Luxembourg municipalities have aligned their municipal hiking tours by way of a distinctive white on blue rectangle sign, featuring a letter from A to D.

– National paths :

These are shown by a variable geometric-shaped yellow on a blue background sign (triangle, circle, rectangle,..).

– Car-accessible trails :

Local circular trails whose starting points can be reached by car are shown by a blue triangle on a white background.

– Theme-specific paths :

The signs for theme-specific paths are generally square-shaped with a specific logo.

– Mountain bike trails :

These trails are shown in the same way as in Belgium.

-CFL paths :

The Luxembourg railway paths offer trails between stations.

– Long-distance hiking trails :

 the GR (long-distance trails) signs follow the national paths.

 the AE (Ardenne Eifel) sign: a white wave on a green background.

20 -Balise locale et auto-pédestre

Balises VTT, Nationale, CFL