08 Aug 2023

News : Definitive closure for “Blancs Bois”, “Les Tailles” and “Two Ourthes” bivouacs (Houffalize)

The commune of Houffalize has decided to close all the bivouacs on its territory because of “the incivilities encountered which are causing increasing management difficulties to the detriment of real hikers”.

It is with regret and sadness that we are relaying this decision, which is beyond our control. Since 2015, we have been trying to bring this new concept to a successful conclusion on the territory of the Two Ourths Natural Park by multiplying meetings with the various stakeholders and finding solutions to mitigate the effects caused…

For information, the bivouacs of Golet (Sainte-Ode) and Gives (Bertogne) are not concerned and remain open for the time being. But due to the 2nd confinement, the rules of curfew (midnight to 5am) and social distancing are applied on the 2 sites.

Location : Le Golet / Gives 


Some rules of use in order to take full advantage of the site and in order to preserve it as much as possible. In the event of non-compliance, you risk being fined (150 € fine per rule not respected) or even prosecuted in the event of serious misconduct! Regular checks are planned on each bivouac area by forestry and municipal officials.

1. The bivouac areas are reserved only for hikers, cyclists and riders.
2. No motor vehicle, caravan or trailer is authorized.
3. The bivouac is authorized exclusively within the areas provided for this purpose. Any encampment established beyond the boundaries will be considered wild and therefore liable to prosecution.
4. Please respect the cleanliness of the place. Any abandonment of waste will be liable to legal proceedings, with the exception of used toilet paper which must be buried and therefore invisible.
5. These bivouac areas are intended for hikers, not long-term campers. It is therefore forbidden to spend two consecutive nights on the same bivouac area.
6. Tents are only authorized between 4 p.m. and 10 a.m. No tents during the day!
7. Any ignition of fire is prohibited outside the zones possibly provided for this purpose.
8. It goes without saying that all types of vegetation must be respected. Cutting or tearing down a tree or part of it is completely prohibited. Only dead wood fallen on the ground can be used for fire.
9. Please respect the tranquility of the place and the sleep of your neighbors.
10. Any user of a bivouac or refuge area implicitly accepts these rules.

The Two Ourthes Natural Park is home to 4 bivouac areas where any hiker, rider or cyclist can set up camp for one night in the great outdoors. In Belgium, wild bivouacs (outside official sites, campsites or private grounds) are strictly prohibited.

Bivouac de Les Tailles

CP Bivakzone

Two are located on the Escapardenne Eislek Trail (“Les Blancs Bois” near Alhoumont and Two Ourthes confluence, Houffalize) and are linked to the stages 4 and 5 of the Trail. The other two are located on discovery loops (connected to the Trail): on the loop “Des profondeurs de la forêt ardennaise aux paysages des plateaux “: stage 1 near “le Golet” in the forest of Freyr (Sainte-Ode) and stage 3 in Gives (Bertogne)

Bivouacs locations (voir geomap) or on google maps.

Each bivouac includes:

– an information panel with map and bivouac rules,
– delimitation of the area by wooden posts,
– a fire area,
– 2 benches (wooden logs) + small table / or covered picnic shelter depending on the areas
– a place for storing dead wood.